It is pleasant to use than the long road into the city car, but there is also the difficulty of long-distance trips. a few minor details before departure and to be considered when looking halindeyl is important for your journey and safe driving performance.


You should visit your service provider before embarking on a long road and you should make your car checked and maintenance standards km. General maintenance and control of the air filters as well as air conditioning, Madiran revised for performance and safety.


Should have checked your tires, especially in the outer depths of winter tires should not prefer fallen below 3 millimeters.


Glass water in your vehicle, engine and radiator fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, you should remember to check the transmission fluid and coolant. Do not forget to also look at whether your vehicle with liquid is water and oil leakage when the appropriate controls.


Do not forget to review the settings of your vehicle’s headlights and electrical equipment.


Brake maintenance is also vital önemtaşı especially in cold weather conditions.


Roads on the route to your destination before leaving, you can give your place of study and possible maintenance work breaks, it helps to protect you from bad surprises. Bring along a map or you can take advantage of the navigation application.


If you need to transport cargo or goods in your car, do not block your vision, it is important to place your take action to restrictions.


Must have taken your sleep and energetic way to get out of the way, you should stay away from the heavy food before the trip and excess fluid consumption.


You can make a safe journey you will need to pay attention with small measures and vehicle maintenance.


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