Little tips and you will note the long road in the city can provide you positive feedback on fuel consumption. When you apply these tips as possible to provide small benefits to some kilometers it makes a significant contribution to the total fuel performance. These applications improve your economy also protects the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Each vehicle driver can easily save that methods we sort it for you.

 Speed ​​Your Important

Speed ​​increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption increases. Your performance and high speed forced to consume more fuel your vehicle as well as more wind resistance you’ll encounter. 90 km / h after every 1 km / h for your consumption increased by 1%.

 Using the Transfer Tool

use your car in low gear for a long time period an adverse effect on fuel consumption. Every vehicle must be used according to the maximum speed of the speed range and the engine runs most efficiently. Please do not hesitate to high gear as long as it is safe. When you change gears, so you will have a maximum torque speed range, you will significantly reduce your fuel consumption.

Cruise Control – Cruise Control Usage

Use cruise speed in a straight line, it optimizes the fuel consumption of your vehicle will keep a constant speed.


Spent fuel in your vehicle is at idle. Therefore, when you re-run the engine off while waiting for the move is positive for your fuel consumption.

 Air Conditioning Use

Air conditioning, the air temperature can increase fuel consumption by up to 3%. Prefer to use glasses while watching at low speed in the summer. In the winter to use the car’s internal ventilation system will contribute significantly to reduce your fuel consumption.

 Your Fuel Consumption Affect Your Driving Style

Stable and non-aggressive driving style will make positive contribution to fuel consumption. Follow maintain distance, to control the vehicle speed according to the course of the traffic flow, posture and move in without forcing the vehicle to evaluate the use of engine compression braking instead of reducing your fuel consumption to the extent of up to 20%. the mechanical parts of your non-aggressive driving style tool allows less maintenance and spare parts of undermining your decline in costs.

 Windows and Sunroof Use

Windows or the sunroof open tools that prepares the ground for more aerodynamic drag and slows you down. This causes you to consume more fuel. You can use your car’s internal ventilation system instead of open windows.

Your Load Will Slow You Down

the weight of your vehicle, it also increases your fuel consumption leads to an increase of the energy required to move. Your fuel consumption will increase by 1-2% for each 50 kg. Therefore, the weight that you need to have your take A phase.


you carry extra luggage space on your vehicle causes more aerodynamic and corrupting energy consumption means that up to 5% fuel consumption. Ornaments extra fitted to your vehicle, mirrors, modified parts and accessories to create resistance to the wind affecting the aerodynamics reduces fuel efficiency.

 Car Care

Your car your fuel consumption when running at maximum efficiency will be a minimum. This means you need to slow your reason for periodic maintenance. Engine oil ratio, to be set up and clean spark plugs, carburetor maintenance, cleaning the air filter, fuel efficiency could save up to 10%.

 Tire Pressure

Tire pressure will be less of a negative impact on fuel consumption is leading to rolling resistance. Loose wheels mounted tires causes a reduction in pressure. Keeping your tire pressure regularly checked and at the correct pressure can save up to 5%. Each fuel do not forget to review your tire pressure in your alloy.


Your licensed by supplying the fuel gas stations can protect your vehicle from harmful chemicals as well as your vehicle maintenance costs by preventing damage to my engine in that you have to minimize chemical. Make sure your lid fully closed fuel in your fuel purchases. The fuel purchases to cool, especially in the summer time, it allows you to minimize the evaporation rate. You have to protect the environment will decrease the rate of CO2 into the air.


If you have the opportunity to choose to park your car indoors. Reduces engine warm-up time in cold weather, hot weather means you have to download to a minimum the use of air conditioning is not exposed to direct sunlight.

 Clutch and Brake Pedals

When navigating to keep your foot on the clutch and brake pedal before the time of the brake clutch and clutch increases fuel consumption as a reason to wear.

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