Turkey, which is the geographical structure of the summer because that is experiencing the four seasons as winter tourist sites, nature offers tourism opportunities with snowy mountains and ski resorts. Every semester with different tourist areas and nature preserves the beauty of the winter season, some cities is becoming a center of attraction.


Turkey, which is one of the most important ski resorts in Palandöken attract domestic and foreign tourists between November and May. the most visited in the winter months the period of Erzurum with the alluring natural beauty. Palandöken is a favorite of those who love skiing, winter holiday one of the best places to go. Summit 3200 m find Palandöken, one of the country’s most snowy regions. Wide track; skiing, snowboarding and snow with a structure that allows the use of the engine and the International University is known to host the Winter Championship.

Rize for the winter holidays with attractions and spa is one of the most preferred cities. Overnights springs from the depth of 260 meters in the plateau is good for the treatment of many diseases. The average snow-covered Ayder five months of the year, preferring to relax, take the pleasure of nature. Rize Sumela Monastery in historical buildings in summer and winter due to the influx of visitors who were one of the attractions. Surrounded by pine forest monastery, charms with its natural beauty as well as its historical texture. You can visit on the way to Sumela Monastery, a place of many accommodations for four seasons.

One of the best route to go in the winter vacation in Bolu. Creeks, rivers and valleys among the Seven Lakes, surrounding forests and especially with the onset of winter vegetation adorned with flowers brings you the most beautiful colors of nature. And natural beauty covered with snow between December and April, also offers a magnificent view of the coming trip as well as for photo enthusiasts purposes. Abant is covered with pine forests. 7-mile path around the lake made it possible to ride a bike buggy tours. Your way Abant where the quality of the facilities for accommodation Do not forget to walk through the natural falls.

Located 2250 meters high summit of Uludag, a close escape from the metropolis for ski lovers. Uludag Turkey has one of the best ski slopes in winter sports is done between December and March. Many facilities and where the hotel is able to stay in the guesthouse of the public in Uludag. Leaving the audience admiring the panoramic views, the highest mountain of Marmara Region in Uludag, one of the most preferred winter holiday ski area by lovers and nature lovers.

If you enjoy taking photos make your winter hiking holiday, where you can search for Uzungol. Especially in the winter season, November to April and forest covered with snow, you can captivate the views. Hotels, bungalows houses, hostels lets you stay in the region. Trekking, bird watching and botanical tours as well as paragliding can be done when the wind is fierce. Located in Gumushane with Tranbzo Zigana in the major tourist centers of the region. forest covered with snow for five months of the year, with a splendid panoramic view. Numerous cooking yourself, it’s own food plants. Zigana ski lovers are preferred terms between March and the end of January Ski Resort.

Short-term or day trip you can visit Ağva, Polonezkoy, Kartepe, Chile, Sapanca also from tourist areas such as places where you can spend time with nature away from city life. Breakfast facilities, well suited for those who spend time on holiday with long walking areas.