Holidays do, see new places, get to know different cultures, but very enjoyable to obtain a visa before traveling overseas problems and many bureaucratic process to deal with costly obligations as exhausting.

Before making your vacation plans can be useful to browse ÜLKER go Almadie visa. do not need visas to Turkey’s border crossing or taking day visa can enter more than 80 countries. Visa-free countries can go can change every year. Some countries are able to begin to ask some improvements in the visa visa. 10 countries will be able to travel visa-free, we selected for you.


One of the most beautiful countries of the Balkans and Serbia and historical beauties will enjoy visa-free travel agents in the modern city building one of dozens of countries. Stunning nature, colorful nightlife and architecture fascinates the visitors leave. Belgrade Fortress, Nicola Tesla Museum, Knez Mihailova Street, between Stari Grad attractions. If you are going to be made the capital Belgrade, the Danube boat tour on the river.


Visa-free travel between countries that could be located in Macedonia, close and affordable destination. Ohrid and Skopje, Macedonia’s most important cities. Statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje, Mother Teressa house, inn and flea markets are the places to be seen. the traces of Ottoman able to observe while visiting the city.


Far East, one of the closest region to Turkey, Thailand will provide you with an enjoyable stay on a low budget. Nature with great beaches in Phuket, one of the most common places. The name “City of Angels”, which means capital Bangkok is worth a visit.


one of North Africa’s most visited country in Tunisia. Sahara Desert region extending into the safari, the most preferred tourist activity in the region. Tunisia is also famous for its nightlife and casinos have a rich cuisine.


One of those most preference among the countries that could be visa-free travel in Russia. Moscow, St. Petersburggib with major cities in Russia, historical texture, while admiring the architecture of the buildings, monuments and one of the countries attracting most tourists with its wide streets. Located close to the point of Unesco’s World Heritage list 25 Russia, it ranks high among the places to be seen. June, darkening the air as “White Nights” most tourists attracted the period.