Tyre selection, security performance, is effective in many areas to save fuel by driving quality. elements that you pay attention when choosing tires helps you to take better.


Tire Size

Your tire size, tire gauges are located on the vehicle’s factory. The information that you present on laser, you choose the right tire is the most important guide for you. You can also choose to change your tire dimensions. Standards for large tires to increase your grip contribute to steering. The thin tires of a more preferred in terms of image as well as braking, contributing in terms of engine performance and fuel consumption. However, the original outer diameter of the tire should be used for safe driving nearest size should be obtained from a specialist for size changes to be made.


Use Type

If you use your car to move heavy loads, correct load of tires should be chosen class. This value is based on the factory tires on your vehicle’s speed index. Given the traffic problems in the urban tire choice it is very important. Reduced braking distance, long life, low rolling resistance tires play a decisive role in terms of security and in the urban performances. Long road use is still more than the braking distance for vehicles, road holding, comfort and stability is an important factor in tire choice. Your driving style and performance expectations is a factor that must be considered in the choice of tires.


Climate Conditions

tires for safe driving, be appropriate to the climate zone you live; rain, şideetl wind, snow, it is necessary to demonstrate the proper performance against harsh weather conditions such as ice. Temperatures in the area where you live if you do not use tools remain at 7+ degrees and snowy weather conditions, you can choose to summer tires. But that harsh weather conditions and negative values ​​to fall in areas where it is more appropriate selection of high quality winter tires. Your safety is important for proper performance tire choice until the climatic conditions.


Production date
The tire choice is a factor often neglected to check the date of manufacture. Do not choose tires that are older and do not forget to check the date of manufacture of tires every year after 5 years you are using.


Cost Factor

Performance, safety, fuel efficiency and long-lasting tire choice is costly as it may seem, long-term thinking and conditions of use allows you to evaluate profitable.